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HB 89 / SB 252 - No Boycott of Israel/Sanctioned Company
HB 1295 - Publicly Traded Company
SB 13 / SB 19 - No Discrimination Against Fossil-Fuel Companies/ No Discrimination Against Firearm Entities and Firearm Trade Associations

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74 Companies Uploaded Confirmed On Uploaded Confirmed By Uses
HB 89
SB 252  
HB 1295   SB 13
SB 19  
Academy Securities 12/18/2023 James Carter View Letter
Alliance Global Partners 12/17/2023 John Venezia View Letter
American Veterans Group 12/18/2023 Phil Culpepper View Letter
Baird 12/14/2023 Marisol Warneke View Letter
Bancroft Capital, LLC 02/21/2024 Alix Cethoute View Letter
Bernardi Securities, Inc. 12/15/2023 GINEEN DESTEFANO View Letter
Blaylock Van, LLC 12/12/2023 Gail Schaeffer View Letter
BofA Securities 12/18/2023 Ron Davis, Jr. View Letter
BOK Financial Securities, Inc. 12/13/2023 Joshua McLaughlin View Letter
Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC 12/16/2023 Ricardo Salazar View Letter
Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. 02/28/2024 Aimee Oxley View Letter
Carty & Co., Inc. 12/18/2023 Brent Whisnant View Letter
Celadon Financial Group 01/02/2024 Erik Irish View Letter
CL King & Associates 12/07/2023 Drew Hayes View Letter
Colliers Securities, LLC 12/12/2023 Michael McMahon View Letter
Country Club Bank 12/15/2023 Lisa Roberts View Letter
Crews & Associates, Inc. 12/15/2023 Phil Martin View Letter
D.A. Davidson & Co. 12/08/2023 Steven Perry View Letter
Davenport & Co. LLC 01/04/2024 Joseph Lombard III View Letter
Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC 12/14/2023 Joseph Polverino View Letter
Edward Jones 01/05/2024 Ryan Raymond View Letter
Essex Securities 12/17/2023 Prakash Gupta View Letter
Estrada Hinojosa & Company, Inc. 12/13/2023 Bob Falkenberg View Letter
FHN Financial 12/14/2023 Peter Lamar View Letter
First Bankers' Banc Securities, Inc. 12/08/2023 Courtney Kiefer View Letter
First Southern, LLC 12/08/2023 John Pataki View Letter
FMSbonds, Inc. 12/15/2023 William Baum View Letter
Frost Bank 01/25/2024 Trevor Cross View Letter
Government Capital Securities Corporation 12/16/2023 Ted Christensen View Letter
Hilltop Securities Inc. 12/16/2023 Michael Bartolotta View Letter
Huntington Capital Markets 12/14/2023 Cameron Thatcher View Letter
InspereX 12/12/2023 Deborah Ibrahim View Letter
Jefferies LLC 12/08/2023 Laura Powell View Letter
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 12/14/2023 Del Barnes View Letter
KeyBanc Capital Markets 04/03/2024 Catherine Tompkins View Letter
Loop Capital Markets LLC 12/14/2023 David Gellert II View Letter
Mesirow Financial Inc. 12/08/2023 Anderson Bynam View Letter
Middlegate Securities Ltd. 12/08/2023 Jake Sorensen View Letter
Midland Securities, Ltd 12/13/2023 Todd Patterson View Letter
Mischler Financial Group 12/08/2023 Richard Tilghman, Jr. View Letter
Morgan Stanley 12/21/2023 Troy Madres View Letter
Mountainside Securities 12/14/2023 Michael Cornell View Letter
Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. 12/15/2023 Jaymes Davis View Letter
Northland Securities 12/19/2023 Katherine Carlson View Letter
Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. 12/18/2023 Daniel Roseveare View Letter
Piper Sandler & Co. 12/12/2023 Tim Kelley View Letter
PNC Bank, N.A 12/15/2023 Dirk Spoons View Letter
Ramirez & Co., Inc. 12/08/2023 Robin Redford View Letter
Raymond James 12/07/2023 Deborah Jones View Letter
RBC Capital Markets 12/15/2023 Holly Amos View Letter
Rice Financial Products Company 04/05/2024 Curtis Harris View Letter
SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc. 12/07/2023 Lee Maverick View Letter
San Blas Securities LLC 12/12/2023 Alex McKenzie View Letter
Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC 12/11/2023 Keith Richard View Letter
SMBC Nikko Securities America, Inc. 12/15/2023 Kin Wong View Letter
SouthState|DuncanWilliams 12/07/2023 Brian Shiels View Letter
Stephens Inc. 01/04/2024 Jake Terry View Letter
Stern Brothers & Co. 12/15/2023 Joyce Opinsky View Letter
Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. 12/11/2023 Peg Henry View Letter
StoneX 12/15/2023 Janice Stremel View Letter
SumRidge Partners, LLC 12/12/2023 Deborah Jones View Letter
SWBC Investment Services, LLC 12/18/2023 Lynda Rodriguez View Letter
TD Bank, N.A. 12/18/2023 Gary Martz View Letter
TD Securities 12/18/2023 Ken Gambone View Letter
Texas Capital Bank, N.A. 03/28/2024 Keith Kirven View Letter
The Baker Group 01/03/2024 James Virgona View Letter
Truist 12/19/2023 Ryan Trauffler View Letter
U.S. Bancorp Investments 12/20/2023 William Hirata View Letter
U.S. Bank N.A. 12/18/2023 William Hirata View Letter
UMB Bank 12/12/2023 Rick Menchaca View Letter
Valdes & Moreno, Inc. 12/18/2023 Brian Cookson View Letter
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 12/15/2023 Nathan Milles View Letter
Wintrust Bank 12/14/2023 Tom Greene View Letter
X-Caliber Rural Capital, LLC 02/08/2024 Tanya Metz View Letter