What's New?

What's New?

05/15/2024 New Legislation Would Expand the Use of Municipal Bonds

06/12/2022 New Website Feature: Year-to-Date Bond Volume Comparision for Last Five Years

06/12/2022 New Website Feature: List of BQ Eligible Issuers

06/12/2022 New Website Feature: Ability to Change Date of Overlapping Debt Statement

03/30/2020 Details of Advance Refunded Debt Added to TMR

Historically,  an Issuer's Advance Refunded  or defeased debt was run is a separate Texas Municipal Report or TMR.  Starting today, if an issuer has any advance refunded debt outstanding, the debt will now run at the end of the regular TMR in a section titled Details of Advance Refunded Debt. 


10/23/2019 New Feature on MAC Website: Issuer Type Filter added to Bond Calendar

You can now filter the Bond Calendar by Issuer Type (City, ISD, County....). 

06/18/2019 ICE Data Services Launches the ICE US Broad Municipal Index

09/19/2018 Project Maps

If you are looking at a TMR for a multi-family housing project, check out the map.  We have added the project address to our mapping system so you will be able to view the location of the project in Google Maps.

09/19/2018 Issuer Level Option Added to Bond Comparison Grid

 Under the Bond Comparison Grid on the report page, you have the option to view either the bonds for that report or click "Bond Comparison Grid - Issuer" to view all outstanding bonds for all the reports for a given issuer.

05/02/2018 Relocation of Material and Other Filings Section in the TMR

At its April meeting, the MAC Board of Trustees approved relocating the Material and other Filings section in the TMR from the first page immediately after Payment Record to the back of the report before the Economic Background section.  The change will appear in reports updated after May 2, 2018.  

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